Saturday, February 6, 2010

V-Day Ideas

Valentine's Day is around the corner and some of you might have a hard time figuring out what you to get your significant other, what places to go, what to do, etc. so I'm compiling a list of the classic and not-so-classic ideas.

Date Ideas That Require Some Money:
- Restaurant (a unique way to decide where to go is by starting at your date's house and before you get to an intersection, flip a coin. Heads = turn right; tails = turn left. Stop at the first restaurant you see going in the direction picked)
- Movies
- Bars & lounges (*make sure it's someplace sexy and chic...fellas don't bring us to no sports bar!)
- Bowling alley
- Museum (if you two are into artsy stuff...personally, I LOVE the MoMA)
- Dancing (and I don't necessarily mean the club, Ron Browz said, no cuffin' in the club gimme $20)
- Spa day for two
- Weekend getaway
- Comedy club (lighten up the mood w/ some laughter)
- Ice skating rink
- Indoor sports activity center (only if she's into that, otherwise it's a lost cause)

Date Ideas That Won't Break Your Pockets:
- Cook breakfast/dinner for your man or girl (* I opted for this as I know everyone and they mama is gonna be out at restaurants; to make it interesting instead of breakfast in bed, do dinner in bed)
- Plan a small intimate dinner party w/ other couples
- Rent some DVDs (in order to be fair to the fellas, don't get all chick flicks)
- Make a new dessert together ;)
- Play games (challenge each other's minds by playing chess or be creative and make up your own...take that last comment as you please)
- Do some form of arts and crafts (if you're in to that...personally I can't draw my way out of a paper bag so we won't be doing this.)

Other Ideas (I'm all about the sexy...if I wasn't my blog wouldn't be called Sense & Sensuality):
- Blindfold your partner and feed them
- Bubble bath and massage for two
- Do a scavenger hunt complete with items or phrases reminiscent of the relationship
- Watch a sexy movie (and no that doesn't always equate to porn)
- Write a poem for your significant other (and no, it doesn't have to rhyme)

*Here's a clip from "Let's Talk About Pep". Pep has a very sensual date. Fellas, take note!

Soundtrack for the Evening (just some of my personal favorites):
- Chris Brown f/ Tank "Take My Time"
- Drake f/ Lloyd "A Night Off"
- Van Hunt "Seconds of Pleasure"
- Beyonce "Speechless"
- Maxwell "Bad Habits"
- Faith Evans "Soon As I Get Home"
- Marvin Gaye "You Sure Love to Ball"
- Michael Jackson "Lady In My Life"
- Jill Scott "All I"
- Robin Thicke "Teach U A Lesson"
- Alicia Keys f/ Drake "Unthinkable (I'm Ready)"
- Aaliyah "It's Whatever"
- Silk "Meeting In My Bedroom"
- Ashanti "Movies"
- Usher "Can U Handle It?"
- Raphael Saadiq "All I Ask of You"
- Tony! Toni! Tone! "Just Me and You"
- Sade "I Couldn't Love You More"
- Floetry "Say Yes"

Enjoy your Valentine's Day and remember to always stay SAFE! Use protection!
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