Monday, August 16, 2010

The Princess Syndrome

Usually when girls have fathers or father figures in their lives, they're often given the title of "princess." That wasn't the case for me growing up. Although I did have my father in my life and still do, never once did he call me "princess" or treat me that way in some respects. While I knew I was his little girl, I understood why he didn't treat me as such. He said that he didn't want me to turn out out being a demanding woman who couldn't do for herself later in life. However, I did grow up around and even lived with females that were like this and that was a personal hell for me. I vowed to do all I could not to become that. These girls I'm talking about have the Princess Syndrome, a disease where girls who take the title of princess and pump it up on steroids. Now that I am older, I see how girls with this sickness are one of the most easily annoying creatures walking the earth. If you don't know if you or a loved one has this syndrome, please read the following symptoms as this is spreading at an alarming rate.

1. DIY (do it yourself) is not in their vocabulary
These girls would rather enlist the help of others than do it themselves. This can range from homework, cleaning, work, etc. They are physically and mentally capable to do these things, but they feel as if it's either too complicated or too beneath them to do it. Heaven forbid they break a nail or something! (*rolls eyes)

2. *Sings* I know you like to think your .... don't stank
Besides "Roses" by OutKast being one of my favorite songs from them, Princess Syndrome girls are famous for thinking that their ish don't stink and that they're better than everyone else.

3. Have dollars but no sense
A determining factor in the development of the princess syndrome is material possessions. Princess Syndrome girls usually get money from a male figure, usually a father, but keep in mind that this can be a boyfriend or just some dude that's trickin' off the afflicted girl. Despite them having loads of material possessions and cash, Princess Syndrome girls don't know the value of a dollar and don't save because they rather use the money to have latest stuff. All they know to do is have their hand out for money.

4. It's their way or no way
Another major symptom to this horrible disease is the excessive demands these Princess Syndrome girls make. These demands only accommodate them; as for everyone else, it's a complete headache to try and make these girls happy. Take a look at this video and you'll get exactly what I mean.

As a female, it's been ingrained in us at an early age to think of ourselves as princesses and to be treated as such. Unfortunately, I think the term has been blown out of proportion and that's what causes girls to have this sense of entitlement about them. While it's true that girls should be treated like princesses, it doesn't give them the right to treat everyone else like their royal subjects. My philosophy is know that you're royal but work and have the humility of a pauper. So for all the self-proclaimed princesses out there, y'all can have that...I'm too busy working for my queendom.

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