Friday, July 23, 2010

Shh...Keep Your Lips Sealed

When I started dating in high school, my mother told me one of her cardinal rules: don’t talk too much to your girlfriends about your relationship. As I got older, I saw exactly what she was talking about. I saw girls go from calling each other BFFs to calling each other bitches because the green eyed monster, envy, reared its ugly head. Check out this story.
Anita** and Julia** were the best of friends, they went everywhere and did everything together. Julia had a boyfriend, Dave** and thought it would be a nice idea to set Anita up with one of Dave’s friends, John**. Anita and John had an okay first date; they really didn’t feel the chemistry that is expected on a first date, but they continued to hang out anyway. As time went on, they began to really like each other and it soon progressed into a relationship. Now you think Julia would be happy; I mean after all, she hooked her friend up and things seemed to be going well. However, that wasn’t the case. As Anita and John’s relationship started growing, Anita and Julia’s friendship started deteriorating. Julia became so jealous that she started to divulge private information to Dave so that it would get back to John and ruin his perception of Anita. The good news was that John was smart enough to know that jealousy was the source of all this occurring and he continued dating Anita. The bad news is that the friendships between Dave and John and Anita and Julia are now done.
It’s sometimes hard to think that a long-term friendship would be over because one friend couldn’t be happy for the other one, but the reality of it is this happens every day. As with any crew of girls, I’ve sat in these self-proclaimed roundtable meetings and heard my friends gush over what their boyfriends did for them, bought for them, etc. I know how it is ladies. We get so excited about our relationships and feel like we want to tell everyone that we know, but we must exercise restraint and have some humility (and mystery) about our relationships. And even if you’re a girl who’s choosy about what you tell your friends, you should keep your eyes and ears open for any signs that might point to jealousy; it’s better to protect yourself beforehand. Just ask yourself: do my friends really need to know every single detail about what me and my man do? Obviously, the answer is no. So the same way your mama told you to close your legs and don’t give away your goodies, I suggest you close your mouth and don’t away too much info. You’ll be happy you did in the end.
**the names have been changed

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Jared said...

Jealousy is a disease and some people are real sick! Although many would argue that jealousy is a female trait I must say it goes both ways! I've always said that men are bigger bitches than women! I've been in situations where a girl likes me and saying nice things about me and dudes who like the girl would trash my name just to get closer to the chick! Note to men: women see thru that bullshit! All in all I think you said it best keep your mouth shut because Jealous ones still envy!

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