Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm Not Perfect...But I'm Perfect for You.

As a kid, I remember watching this Grace Jones video called "I'm Not Perfect." One thing I remember about that song was the catchy chorus that went, "I'm not perfect/ but I'm perfect for you." When I got older, I would sometimes hear people use that phrase when talking about love. Now that I am in a relationship and have been in it for a long while, I can fully understand the meaning behind that phrase. 

When searching for a significant other, many people talk about  finding the perfect person. Some people will go as far as making up lists or letting little things become relationship deal breakers, but here's the thing: PERFECT PEOPLE DO NOT EXIST. I repeat PERFECT PEOPLE DO NOT EXIST. Instead, your best bet is to find someone that's perfect for you...and yes, there's a difference. 

To find someone that's perfect for you simply means, in my opinion, finding key qualities in a mate that would complement yours while understanding and accepting his/her imperfections. In my own relationship, we both understand that while we have many similar qualities that helped us fall in love with each other, we're not perfect in any sense of the word. However, we respect those differences and don't drive each other crazy trying to change each other. That level of respect and understanding shows maturity and growth in the relationship and honestly, our differences are what make the relationship unique and interesting. Now if you happen to have differences that you absolutely can't deal with, then end the relationship. Nobody ever had a great relationship by settling. 

So when you're out there searching for that special someone, make sure they're perfect for you. If you're looking for a perfect person, you'll be looking for a long time. 

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