Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jobs: Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are!

During one of my recent conversations with a friend, she mentioned how she was having a hard time finding jobs. Although the job market is still in not as strong as it should be, there are jobs out there. It's just a matter of being crafty with with your search. Below are some helpful websites that I've come across in my job search. 
This widely popular job search engine is used by  many big name companies use Monster as a recruitment tool and the career services (i.e. resume critique/writing, job hunting advice) Monster offers makes them hit with job hunters everywhere. 
For anyone looking for careers along the lines of media, advertising/marketing/PR, and creative, MediaBistro and TalentZoo are great places to find jobs of various types (project basis, freelance, part-time, full-time). MediaBistro and TalentZoo also give news, events info, and helpful articles on how to make it in the media world. 
In addition to posting jobs from many companies, Glassdoor provides company information, CEO approval ratings, anonymous reviews from past and current employees, and even reviews on interviews. I highly recommend using this site when you want to find out some info about the company's culture or how interviews are conducted.
The one-stop shop for careers of all functions, Craigslist can be a useful tool in one's job search and many reputable organization are using them to post jobs. However, please exercise precaution as there are job scams that plague the site. To combat that, Craigslist has implemented a space for companies to identify themselves to job searchers. 
This career-oriented social networking site provides people with a community to not only look for jobs but network with past, present, and future employers. You can list your work history, follow companies that you're interested in, and connect to a wide range of professionals in your field.
These job search engines help take the tediousness out of searching for jobs from big name companies and bring the information right to you. In addition to that, these sites also provide salary searches, job trends, and forums to discuss careers. 
Although Twitter is used for recreational purposes, many companies have Twitter accounts and tweet open positions. If you have a Twitter account, be sure to follow companies that grab your interest! 

These are just several of the many sites that are helpful to people searching for jobs. I'm pretty sure there are more websites out there so if you found them to be great in your job search comment! 

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